Year IX, Artícle1], No. 108

December 21, 2019

by Rubén A. Báez[2]

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General Performance Index©
(GPI: General Performance Index): "It is an index that measures the performance that a tennis player or country has had in a given period of time." This index, not shown here, is used to make the "General Performance Ranking© or GPI Ranking© ".

This index considers, for its calculation, a number of aspects such as the number of played matches and won, the serves, the points won with the serves, the returns, the break points (saved and won) and the tiebreaks. Once the indexes are calculated for a given period of time, the 2019 season in this case, these indexes (not shown here) are sorted from the highest to the lowest and a ranking is established. This ranking is the General Performance Ranking© or GPI Ranking©, which is used to order countries by performance in the analyzed season.

The best performance of the season has been achieved by United States (USA), making it the No. 1 in the General Perfor-mance Ranking© or GPI Ranking© by countries of the 2019 season. The GPI Ranking© podium is completed by Russia (RUS) and Czech Republic (CZE) (Table 1, p.5) achieving the 2nd and 3rd places, respec-tively.

Other highlighted countries in the GPI Ranking© have been China (CHN), Germany (GER), Australia (AUS), France (FRA), Ro-mania (ROU), Ukraine (UKR) and Belgium (BEL) to complete the Top 10 of the GPI Ranking© by countries.

The following categories of tournament, which correspond to the 2019 season, have been included for the determination of the General Performance Ranking© or GPI Ranking© by countries. The tournaments have been developed on all surfaces, hard, clay and grass (In the Part II the General Statistics by countries can be observed).

• Grand Slams: Australian Open, Ro-land Garros, Wimbledon, US Open.
• Fed Cup.
• WTA International.
• WTA Premier.
• WTA 125K Series.
• WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai.
• Shiseido WTA Finals Shenzhen.

Next, in Part I of this report, the tables show-ing the performances by countries in the dif-ferent aspects, services, returns, break points, etc. are presented to this 2019 sea-son. Starting with Tables 1 and 2 that summarize all the aspects presented in the following tables and present the GPI Ranking©.


Full statistical report in pdf click here

[1] Report elaboration based on data from official Websites:

[2] National Tennis Coach (Argentine Tennis Association), Bachelor of Business Administration, Certified Public Accountant, Post grades of Finance Management and Capital Markets, Master of Business Administration (IAE Business School, Austral University, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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